Update on the coronavirus

- Last updated on 30-04-2020 -

Oostappen Group Holiday Parks keeps a close eye on the latest developments regarding the coronavirus and the guidelines of the Dutch and Belgian government. The safety and health of our guests and employees are of big importance!

As Oostappen Group Holiday Parks we have enough opportunities at all our holiday parks to follow up on government measures and give each other sufficient space. That is why we have decided to open our holiday parks in the Netherlands for recreational stays from 1 May 2020. We will of course do this with due observance of the applicable measures and with extra attention for our guests, our staff, hygiene and everything else that is necessary to offer a safe and responsible holiday.

The Belgian government has just announced that the Belgian Holiday Parks can be reopened as of Monday 8 June

When the measures from the Belgian and/or Dutch government are extended/tightened, we may have to postpone the opening dates. We will keep you informed about this. Of course we will do this via this page, but if necessary we will also inform our holiday guests, seasonal guests and annual guests directly.

With regard to reservations already made with an arrival date prior to the above-mentioned date, we apply the following principles (guests will be contacted by us):

  • Moving the reservation to another period in 2020 is possible on the basis of availability and at the current rates.
  • Guests will receive a voucher for the amount already paid. If the new reservation is more expensive, the additional cost for the guests. When the reservation is cheaper, the guest will receive the difference back in the form of a voucher.
  • No change costs will be charged.
  • If guests do wish to cancel, they will pay a cancellation fee in accordance with the booking conditions.
  • If the guest has booked with a certain preference, we will of course take this into account.
  • If guests have booked through tour operators, we will only refer guests back to the tour operators if they wish to cancel.
  • If you want to rebook your made reservation you can contact the Reservations Department (see contact details below).

We hope of course, just like everyone else, that the virus will be under control soon so that we can pick up the normal course of events, so that everyone can start enjoying outings, restaurants and a well-deserved holiday again!

If you have any questions about this information, you can always contact us using the contact information below. (Due to the hustle and bustle it may take a bit longer before someone from the Oostappen team can speak to you. We will do our very best!)

Reservations Department
T. +31 493 326 977


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